Organisational Activities and Effective Time Management among Public
Relations Practitioners 


  • Ogenyi Chika F.



Effective time management in the work of a manager is an important prerequisite for
achieving strategic goals of the organization. Time is a special and worthy commodity that
is given equally to everyone regardless of age, nationality, whether public or private
sector. Time is always ever present to everyone, but no one ever seems to have enough of
it. In Nigeria, the need for time management in organizations especially the public service
cannot be over emphasized. Time management helps in achieving individual and
organizational goals in view of the limited amount of time available to man. The study
therefore beams a search light on organizational activities and effective time management,
as well as, the relationship between managers and subordinates as regards time
management. The effective management of time and other inputs or resources in a system
is behind growing productivity, while the ineffective management of these inputs
accounts for ebbing productivity and, the manager is responsible for this management in
the system. Reports show that 3 out of 4 ventures die every year in Nigeria. This is not
unconnected with ineffective management of time and other material and human inputs or
resources in the venture. Consequently, this paper examined ways of promoting
sustainable productivity and employee performance through effective time management.
Keywords: Organisational, Activities, Time, Public Relations and Practitioners.




Ogenyi Chika F.(2023).Organisational Activities and Effective Time Management among Public
Relations Practitioners . IDOSR JOURNAL OF ARTS AND MANAGEMENT 8(1): 9-14.


8(1): 9-14,, 2023