The International Digital Organization for Scientific Research (IDOSR) is a Journal association established to facilitate the dissemination of information and discoveries for researchers and scientists. Committed to exploring new research avenues across a diverse range of subjects, particularly focusing on the intersection of technology and society, IDOSR offers a user-friendly research environment. As an academic association, IDOSR supports global researchers and scientists, especially those in developing nations, by providing free access to published articles. It comprises professionals, scientists, researchers, and academics from various disciplines such as applied sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences, management, engineering, and medicine. With a global membership, IDOSR offers complimentary assistance and guidance to researchers. Functioning as a worldwide platform, IDOSR primarily aids scientists and researchers, particularly those from economically disadvantaged regions, in publishing their latest findings in its journals. Additionally, IDOSR organizes conferences worldwide. Its journals publish peer-reviewed original research, review articles, and short communications covering a broad spectrum of subjects including applied sciences, mathematics, biology, chemistry, arts, social sciences, management, engineering, and medicine.



United Kingdom 

1 Warnford Street Wigan,  WN1 2EQ, UK.


China Office

Liaoning Shenyang Hun Southern District, Shengying Lijing Building No:201 Unit no 1.

Turkey Office

Baki Seheri Narimanov Rayonu Azadiq Prospketi ev 144 Menzil 13 Baku Azerbaijian.