The Role of Media in Disease Prevention in Uganda: A Case Study of NBS Television

Odwori Martin Ojiso and Hakim Nkalubo

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Kampala International University, Uganda.


Scholars have extensively studied the effectiveness of different health communication strategies employed by television networks in disseminating disease prevention information. These strategies include health campaigns, public service announcements, and educational programming aimed at raising awareness about infectious diseases and promoting preventive behaviors. Understanding how audiences perceive and engage with health messages broadcasted by the media is crucial for evaluating the impact of disease prevention efforts. This study sought to evaluate the role of media in disease prevention in Uganda using NBS Television as a case study. A cross-sectional survey design was utilized to collect data from a sample of viewers who have been exposed to televised health messages. The total sample size was 85 respondents. Data was collected through structured questionnaires administered to the selected study participants. Quantitative data collected from the surveys were analyzed using statistical software such as MS Excel. Descriptive statistics, including frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations, were used to summarize demographic characteristics, audience exposure to health programming, and responses to survey items. The study found that respondents had varying knowledge about disease prevention measures, with gaps in understanding vaccination schedules, early warning signs, and nutrition’s role. However, they generally held positive attitudes towards disease prevention, believing in its importance for overall health and trusting health information from television programs. They expressed motivation to adopt preventive behaviors and confidence in their ability to maintain positive changes. The findings underscore the potential of televised health communication initiatives in shaping attitudes and behaviors related to disease prevention, emphasizing the role of television in promoting public health awareness.

Keywords: Disease, NBS Television, Media, Information

CITE AS: Odwori Martin Ojiso and Hakim Nkalubo (2024). The Role of Media in Disease Prevention in Uganda: A Case Study of NBS Television. IDOSR JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION AND ENGLISH 9(2) 12-24.