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Prevalence of and Demographic Profile of People with Tungiasis Living in Danida Village, Jinja District, Uganda.   

                                                                  Abio Winfred                                            

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Kampala International University Western Campus Uganda.


Tungiasis, a parasitic skin condition caused by the sand flea Tunga penetrans, is characterized by the pregnant flea burrowing into the skin and toes, resulting in irritation and inflammation. This disease is prevalent in tropical regions such as America and Africa, commonly affecting areas like the feet, hands, elbows, and occasionally the buttocks. This study aims to assess the prevalence and demographic characteristics of individuals with tungiasis in Danida village, Jinja district, Uganda. A community-based cross-sectional and descriptive study design was employed, utilizing simple random sampling. A sample size of 268 was determined using Kish and Leslie’s formula. Data collection was carried out through self-administered questionnaires, and analysis was conducted using quantitative methods, including Microsoft Excel for creating charts and graphs. Additionally, analysis software was used for further processing, with results presented in tables and frequencies. The prevalence of tungiasis among participants was found to be 26.9%, with 72 out of 268 individuals affected. Among the participants, 57% had a primary level of education, and 82% of those infested were male. The age bracket most affected was 11-30 years, comprising 59.7% of cases. Furthermore, 63% of individuals with tungiasis came from families that reared animals. In conclusion, the prevalence of tungiasis in Danida village was notably high. Individuals with lower educational levels, aged between 11-30 years, males, and those from families involved in animal rearing were found to be the demographic groups with a higher incidence of Tunga penetrans infestation.

Keywords: Tungiasis, Tunga penetrans, Animals, Education, Male gender.

CITE AS: Abio Winfred (2024). Prevalence of and Demographic Profile of People with Tungiasis Living in Danida Village, Jinja District, Uganda. IDOSR JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCES 10(3) 98-106. https://doi.org/10.59298/IDOSR/JES/103.98.106