Political Gladiators and Max Weber’s Bureaucracy: A Study of Select Public Sectors in South-South States of Nigeria

   Ukaidi Chris U.A1, Ukaidi Evelyn Ugonna2, Omneno Enock1 and Tom Mulegi3

1Department of Business Management, College of Economics and Management, Kampala International University, Uganda.

2Department of Business Management, University of Calabar, Nigeria.

3Department of Political and Administrative Studies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kampala International University Uganda

Corresponding Author’s Email: ukaidichris2021@gmail.com


The paper investigated the influence of political gladiators on Max Weber’s bureaucracy, a study of the selected public sector in the south-south states of Nigeria. The specific objectives are: examining the extent to which leadership influences work design in the public sector; assessing the decision-making process on promotion in the public sector, and investigating the influence of organizational policies on the recruitment process in the public sector. The study used a sample of 200 respondents. A twenty-item, four-Likert scale questionnaire was administered to the respondents. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested using the correlation coefficient (2) of Karl Pearson. We used SPSS and LISREL software programs to analyze the data. The result of the hypothesis test showed that there is a significant relationship between leadership and work design: decision-making has a significant influence on promotion, and there is a significant relationship between policymakers and the recruitment process. Among other things, the following recommendations were made: leadership should be based on expert knowledge and qualifications: Decisions should be broad-based and rational to allow for good policy formulation and implementation mechanisms.

Keywords: Political gladiators, Bureaucracy, Public sector and Organizations

CITE AS: Ukaidi Chris U.A, Ukaidi Evelyn Ugonna, Omneno Enock and Tom Mulegi (2024). Political Gladiators and Max Weber’s Bureaucracy: A Study of Select Public Sectors in South-South States of Nigeria. IDOSR JOURNAL OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES 10(1):1-5. https://doi.org/10.59298/IDOSRJAH/2024/101.1.550000