Monitoring with Communication Technologies of the Smart Grid


  • Masisani William Mufana and Adabara Ibrahim



From the conception of the smart grid, a lot of attention has been paid to intelligent monitoring of
the smart grid and monitoring of the power system. Condition monitoring of equipment such as
transformer health has also been treated as priority together with distribution insulator
monitoring, monitoring the applications for the smart grid technology, for example, locating the
fault in the smart grid, monitoring of commercial electronic devices and monitoring for wide-area
were under scrutiny. Monitoring in power system monitoring is associated with state estimation,
seams between state estimates and instrument transformer calibration for all-PMU estimators. Next
is the protection of the power system which involves the security and the capacity to be
independent, monitoring the attributes of apparent impedances of relays, back-up zone
supervision, loss-of-field adaption, load shedding using intelligent systems, islanding using
intelligent systems and incorporation of schemes for system integrity protection. Two-way
communication systems’ deployment is one of the distinctive mark of the smart grid. The smart can
gather and transfer monitored data from the power system elements to operators of the system
using the smart grid monitoring system and form a two-way communication system via the grid
power plant and the end user of electricity. The smart grid implementation is a gradual process to
substitute the conventional power systems’ elements built on the basis of existing systems and
building brand new systems which would be very costly. Smart grid planning involves not only the
consideration of these creative technologies but also respecting the interest of all the stakeholders involved.
Decision making requires to be executed to analyze each smart grid component and its cost before
investment and consequently deploying into the real grid. Considering the above mentioned
issues, this project surveys an overall monitoring and communication structure. Information
optimization is one the key strategies to obtain the benefits of the smart grid.
Keywords: Monitoring, Communication, Technologies and Smart Grid.




  • Masisani William Mufana and Adabara Ibrahim (2022). Monitoring with Communication Technologies of the Smart Grid.  IDOSR JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES 7(1) 102-112.