Legacy Data Center Network (DCN) Reviewed: considering Big Data Stream Mobile Computing (BDSMC) applications


Godspower I. Akawuku, Rapheal O. Okonkwo, Kennedy C. Okofor


Recently, Enterprises that operate over vast geographical areas uses multiple data centers to collect, store and process data in real time via energy-efficient acquisition, wirelessly transport clients or users data to the cloud. This paper seeks to technically review existing Data Center Networks (DCN) considering BDSMC applications. In this research, related works on Distributed Data Center Networks will be presented. Within the stream computing ecosystems, there are various network models but the pool of possible DCN topologies/architectures to adopt appears little and unfit for the purpose of BDSMC optimization. However, most related Data center architecture will be reviewed. Investigate efforts on both server centric and switch-centric models adaptable to BDSMC network layer. The extent of work done on distributed spine-leaf re-designed server-centric network construction so as to automatically harvest network interconnection into a ‘stellar’ dual-port server-centric SG network; how classical graph-based interconnection network translate network performance similar to generic works for BDSMC ecosystems. Review stellar transformation using the well-studied generalized hypercube family of interconnection networks for BDSMC ecosystems. The literature was searched from the databases: IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Springer Link Digital Library, and Google Scholar, IET Digital Library, Frontiers Library, ACM Digital Library repositories resulting in 98 papers after several eliminations ranging from year 2000-2022. In conclusion, state-of-the-art dual-port server-centric DCNs (FiConn, DCell, DPillar), etc, while looking at possible architectures with excellent comparative performance for BDSMC ecosystems. Research gaps are revealed for further study.

Keywords: Data, Center, Network, Data Stream, Mobile Computing and applications





Godspower I. Akawuku, Rapheal O. Okonkwo,  Kennedy C. Okofor (2023).Legacy Data Center Network (DCN) Reviewed: considering Big Data Stream Mobile Computing (BDSMC) applications. IDOSR JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES 8(1) 152-172.