Globalization and National Security:Unraveling the Multifaceted Nexus

Ezeja Ijeoma Irene

Department of Public Administration Kampala International University Uganda


Globalization, a complex process, introduced by Swapsy in 2006, is understood as being more than economic integration impacting political, social, and cultural dimensions at the global scale. The security at the national level is the main focus of this paper. The paper looks at the following issues including; state sovereignty, the dynamics of the military, economic stability, social unity, environmental sustainability and the controlling information. With modernity, the idea of sovereignty is put to test; states need to find the balance between their autonomy and global involvement. The interlink age of societies influence the dynamics of military affairs, economic security, social peace and stability, and environmental sustainability. Information crossing borders makes the question of national security; it causes trouble to control mechanisms. Economic globalization has created differences against developed and capital rich countries with the aid of the transnational entities. The main focus of the study lays on the necessity of hybrid strategy in order to respond to the shifting features of national security which are present in the context of globalized world.
Keywords: Globalization, Security of a State, Sovereignty, Military Dynamics, Stability of Economy, Societal Integration, and Environmental Security.

CITE AS: Ezeja Ijeoma Irene (2024). Globalization and National Security: Unraveling the Multifaceted Nexus. IDOSR JOURNAL OF ARTS AND MANAGEMENT 9(1) 18-21.