Evaluation of Factors contributing to high Alcoholism among Youths in Adumi Village, Arua District Uganda


Kamanyire, Rogers


High rate of alcoholic intake and abuse has become a global epidemic among Youths
especially the under aged people. Adumi is a village in Arua district of Uganda. This study
was conducted to ascertain the factors that contributed to alcoholism among youths.
Youths aged 16 to 17 have the second highest rate (16.4%) of current alcohol abuse in the
surveyed countries, and although consumption of alcoholic beverages is illegal for people
under 18 years of age. 10.4 million current drinkers were aged 12 to 20 and of this group,
nearly half 5.1 million engage in binge drinking, including 2.3 million who would also be
classified as heavy drinkers. This study used a descriptive research design with both
qualitative and quantitative methods. A sample of 50 respondents were sampled using
questionnaires. The data was collected and analyzed using Microsoft excel and then
presented using tables and figures. The major factors contributing to alcoholism among the
youths in Adumi village were found to be, lack of full time employment leading to idleness
of the youths, Peer group influence, easy accessibility, availability and affordability of
alcohol in Adumi village without no restrictions. Physical and emotional stress resulting
from poor conditions of living leading to psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and
depression, chaotic home environments and child negligence leading to school dropouts.
Lack of information about the disadvantages of alcoholism from the community
development officers and policies to prevent the vice in the study area and the district at
large. The government and other stakeholders such as Non-Governmental Organizations
(NGOs) and CBOs should establish youth livelihood programs to combat idleness among the
youths and should put in place bylaws on the time of opening bars and also the age of
people allowed to drink and make sure that these bylaws are strictly enforced.
Keywords: Alcoholism, Adumi Village, Youths, Abuse and Drinkers.





Kamanyire, Rogers (2023).Evaluation of Factors contributing to high Alcoholism among Youths in
Adumi Village, Arua District Uganda. IDOSR JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH 8(2) 1-17.