Evaluation of Awareness, approach and practices on condom usage among young people attending KIU-Teaching Hospital, Ishaka Municipality, Bushenyi District, Western Uganda

Gabula, John Cosmas

Condom use is of greater benefit to the youths. It is a tool that serves a great deal in
prevention of HIV/AIDS and HIV related infections, so are other STD/STIs and unwanted
pregnancies. Despite such benefits, youths do not use condoms. Therefore, this study
aimed at assessing the knowledge, attitude and practices of youths attending KIU-TH
towards condom use in Ishaka municipality, Bushenyi district. The study design was cross
sectional and descriptive, but data analysis was mainly quantitative. Sixty seven
respondents were involved both male and female who were selected using a simple random
sampling procedure. Knowledge of respondents was good as majority of the respondents
55 (82%) had ever heard of safer sex practices and 50 (91%) could describe safer sex
practices rightly. Attitudes were poor as majority 46 (69%) had a negative attitude towards
condom use. Reasons mainly given were: condoms are painful, reduce lubrication, cause
sores, make sex unpleasurable. Practice was also poor as majority of respondents 42(63%)
always had unsafe sex. It is recommended that the MOH should ensure that youths are
equipped with adequate knowledge about condom use and in so doing; to help change the
attitude of youths from being negative to positive in regards to condom use. This can be
done through scheduling more educative programs to teach youths about the merits of safe
sex. Health education talks can be done at community level, parish level or even conducted
in schools (secondary schools, tertiary institutions or even universities). Parents should
also come in here, to teach their children, especially those that have reached adolescent
stage to always use condoms each time they want to have sex. Parents must explain to
these adolescents the risks that they may face when they opt for unsafe sex.
Keywords: unsafe sex, condoms, youths, HIV.





Gabula, John Cosmas (2023).Evaluation of Awareness, approach and practices on condom usage among young people attending KIU-Teaching Hospital, Ishaka Municipality,Bushenyi District, Western Uganda . IDOSR JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES 8(2) 1-14, 2023.