Design and Implementation of an Improved Automatic DC Motor Speed Control Systems Using Microcontroller


Enerst, Edozie, Eze Val Hyginus Udoka,  Wantimba, Janat

Energy wastage is one of the major challenges that is facing the world now as there is
insufficient supply of energy and the little ones supplied was not appropriately used. This
energy wastage has made many researchers to engage more on the research to stop this
energy waste as a result of inappropriate allocation of energy to some devices even when
they don’t need it. This research work was able to design and implement an improved
automated DC Motor speed controller system using microcontroller successfully. The
software used for this research work were Fritzing software and Arduino Nano. This project
was able to improve on the working system of the DC Motors and energy was automatically
and successfully saved. The system runs entirely on Bluetooth technology which consumes
less power than other devices. The Android application is user-friendly with enhanced
Wireless communication. This design was successfully developed and implemented with 80%
accuracy. The design was able to work effectively by increasing the cutting speed when the
softness of the material decreases and as the cutting tool material becomes stronger, the
cutting speed increases. This showed that the design is effectively and efficiently developed
with less energy/power consumption which is the earnest desire of an Engineer as it reduces
Keywords: Microcontroller, Improved Automatic DC Motor, Energy, Arduino, PWM





Enerst, Edozie, Eze Val Hyginus Udoka,  and Wantimba, Janat (2023).Design and Implementation of an Improved Automatic DC Motor Speed Control Systems Using Microcontroller. IDOSR JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND  TECHNOLOGY , 9(1):107-119.