Appraisal of the Legality of the Laws Establishing Faith-based Government Agencies in Nigeria

Antai, Godswill Owoche

Kampala International University, Uganda.

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This paper aims to provide an appraisal of the legality of the laws establishing faith-based government agencies in Nigeria. The intersection of religion and governance has been a contentious issue, particularly in countries with religious pluralism such as Nigeria. This paper examined the legal framework surrounding the establishment of faith-based government agencies, considering constitutional provisions, and judicial precedents. It also explored the implications of such agencies on the principles of secularism, equality, and religious freedom, as enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution. By analyzing relevant laws, this paper seeks to shed light on the constitutionality and potential challenges associated with faith-based government agencies in Nigeria. The paper drew upon a wide range of sources, including the Nigerian Constitution and legislations. The aim was to provide an analysis of the legal framework surrounding faith-based government agencies in Nigeria, assess its constitutionality, and highlight the potential challenges they may pose in terms of religious freedom, equality, and secularism. Through this exercise, the paper has contributed to the ongoing discourse on the relationship between religion and governance in Nigeria’s legal system. The paper argues that the direct involvement and propagation of religion through the establishment of these faith-based institution has created crises, the chief being the question of its constitutionality. It advocates an approach that seeks to accommodate the neutrality of state in such matters even as the state allows for limited interventions by way of charity rather than outright legislation. Other recommendations include Balancing religious considerations and constitutional principles, strengthening legal provisions for non-discrimination and equality amongst others.

Keywords: Secularism, Equality, Constitutionality, Religious freedom, Faith-based  government

CITE AS: Antai, Godswill Owoche (2024). Appraisal of the Legality of the Laws Establishing Faith-based Government Agencies in Nigeria. IDOSR JOURNAL OF ARTS AND MANAGEMENT 9(1) 32-42.